Why Most Business-To-Business Sales Pitches Don’t Work

We’ve all dealt with those kinds of sales calls. Most of us have done it as consumers – the phone rings and someone is on the other end obviously reading from a script. Whether they’re pitching you to switch your phone service, get a new credit card or whatever, you can tell they’re not sincere.

I get those calls as a business owner from business-to-business sales reps who spew a bunch of canned lines about improving my revenue, cutting my costs, and lots of other things I’m pretty sure they’re clueless about since very few salespeople understand how small business owners think.

Then there are those few talented salespeople who admit (to themselves, mostly) that they may not know what they’re talking about, but because they’re genuine, they get my attention.

In an email to my subscriber list a few weeks ago I explained how a co-worker of mine, who learned absolutely nothing after three weeks of intensive sales and product training because he partied the entire time, proceeded to outsell all of us anyway because he had an attractive and pleasing personality.

But, had he attempted to go out and recite canned sales pitches, or to follow structured “steps to a sale,” he would have come across as fake and not sold anywhere near as much!

My point is this: Yes, you need to know your product, and you need to know how to sell.

However –

You need to be GENUINE and be sure that those sales techniques you’re using are mixed with a genuine personality and not recited or followed step-by-step like a robot!

But there’s an even better way to make this happen: Meet only with prospects who are highly qualified and actually WANT your product or service!

When you’re in this situation, you lose the urge to follow “steps of a sale” or recite a canned pitch. You become much more comfortable with your prospect, and they likewise become more comfortable with you. Combine this ideal sales situation with the fact that they already are a prime prospect, and a sale is practically inevitable!

So quit wasting time with people who aren’t ready to buy and, for that reason, don’t deserve your time, and above all else, drop the canned pitches and steps of a sale!

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